Prevent Cooling System Problems In Towson

Cooling system problems are the most common reason for mechanical failure in Towson. And, they’re largely avoidable. Here’s what LUTHERVILLE TIMONIUM motorists need to know about their cooling system. First, the terms coolant andantifreeze are pretty much used interchangeably in MARYLAND. The fluid cools your engine while it’s running and it keeps it from freezing when it’s cold. Your Read more...

Auto Repair Ethics In Towson

We're going to be talking about the ethics of automotive repair in Towson. Unfortunately, every profession has some bad actors that hurt the reputation of everyone else. It's no different in the Towson area. In the automotive world, Towson industry associations and MARYLAND professional licensing organizations are very committed to high ethical standards. Yet some Read more...

Why Is My Check Engine Light On?

The Check Engine Light strikes fear into the hearts of some in Towson and is totally ignored by just as many. Just what it means is a mystery to most Towson drivers. Let’s get the urgency issues out of the way first. If your sedan's check engine light is flashing, that means that something is Read more...


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